Collecting, recycling, and redistributing gently used soccer equipment to financially disadvantaged communities around the world


Jogo Bonito

(noun) also known as

"The Beautiful Game"

a nickname given to the sport of soccer by footballer legend Pelé

Hat Trick

(noun) the scoring of three goals by the same player in a single match



(adj.) an event or occurrence within a match that elicits awe; popularized by English commentator Ray Hudson

The spirit of soccer, the pride that it brings to individuals worldwide, and the way that it unites its fans makes it a truly wonderful sport.  For some however, especially in underprivileged and impoverished regions of the world, the game of soccer is more than just simply a sport.  Playing soccer, for many of these people, is a way to temporarily escape from the harsh realities of their existence.

Playing soccer helps them to forget about a lack of adequate food supplies, a lack of clean drinking water, and a generally sub-standard quality of life (at least when compared with other more financially stable societies around the world).  Many of these people are unable to afford a soccer ball or sometimes even shoes for their feet but the sheer excitement they get from kicking the ball around is a beautiful sight to behold.  The opportunity to help share this joy with soccer fans worldwide is what inspired the creation of Golazo International.

Golazo International is a Non-Profit Organization (501c3) that is dedicated to collecting, recycling, and redistributing gently used soccer equipment to financially disadvantaged communities around the world.

Founder and ​President Adam Corwin has been playing and coaching soccer for his entire life and has always felt a visceral connection to the sport. Adam enjoys travelling with his family and on previous vacations, he has taken a variety of "gently used" soccer supplies to hand out to the local kids - balls, cleats, clothing, shin guards, etc..  Whether traveling in Mexico, Jamaica, Brazil, or the Bahamas, it is not very difficult to find local kids playing soccer in a park somewhere.

Adam and his family would stop to visit, play a little soccer, and then leave the equipment with the local children.  This experience was always rewarding for everyone involved and in many instances, these kids were receiving the very first soccer balls that they had ever owned.

How You Can Help

As a 501c3 non-profit organization, your donations to Golazo International are charitable contributions and for most people, these contributions are considered to be tax deductible. (Please check with your Accountant first since Golazo makes no promises or claims as to your particular tax situation.)

We accept (1) monetary contributions and (2) your "gently used" soccer equipment.

To make a monetary contribution, please click on the button below to donate via credit card or Pay Pal.  If you'd prefer to mail a check instead, please send it to the address shown below and we will send back to you an official signed receipt from Golazo for your tax purposes.

To donate your "gently used" soccer equipment, there are three options - (1) deliver it to the address shown below, (2) mail it to the address shown below, or (3) depending upon where you live we may be able to arrange for equipment pick-up at your home.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and for supporting Golazo International.

If You Have Questions or Would Like to Make a Donation

Adam Corwin

(813) 334-5356

Golazo International

9814 Bayboro Bridge Drive

Tampa, Florida  33626



(noun) a goal in the sport of soccer that is more of an emotional experience than a mere scoring of points